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Board Accountability

It Starts at the Top. 

Developing a culture of high achievement within the Hendry County School District begins with developing a culture of accountability within the school board. 

This can be achieved through the adoption of self-accountability policies by the Board to:

  • Require the district administration publish an online annual stakeholder report each year that compares outcomes to the goals outlined in the District's strategic plan.
  • Require the district administration to publish all budgets and audits online.
  • Require the district administration to publish districtwide student outcomes illustrating the comparison between Heartland Education Consortium member districts and state averages.
  • Establish annual enhanced professional development requirements for school board members in the by-laws.
  • Require each school board member to chair a committee.
  • Require each school board member to evaluate the superintendent and the school board's performance annually. 



Teacher Retention

What Does it Take to be an "Attractive" District in a Teacher's Market?

Certified teachers and qualified support staff are in high demand throughout Florida and the nation, and have more employment options now than ever. Not only are neighboring school districts competing for newly certified teachers, they are also courting Hendry County School District's most talented, experienced, and certified teachers and staff. What does it take to be an "attractive" district in a teacher's market?

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Student Achievement - Qualified Teachers in Classrooms

The Business of Student Achievement.

The Hendry County School District (HCSD) is the county's second largest employer and student achievement is our product. HCSD is currently ranked among the five lowest performing school districts in the state of Florida based according to the Florida Department of Education. I believe the most effective way to increase student achievement is to put qualified teachers in front of students for 180 days and provide instructional leadership

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Financial Stewardship

Every Dollar Needs to be Impactful!

The Hendry County School District is funded by tax dollars paid by hardworking residents of Hendry County and Florida. Purposeful and impactful investment of these tax dollars requires constant analysis of measurable returns in student growth and achievement, as well as alignment to student need. 

Currently, the district administration has failed to produce evidence of performing financial analysis on the programs we're investing your tax dollars into and have prevented me from obtaining basic financial information to make the assessment myself. 

Passing a policy to require annual programmatic cost-benefit analysis and a policy that requires all contracts going forward to include the option for the Hendry County School District to discontinue any contract without penalty if the product, program, or service does not meet predetermined expected outcomes after the initial 365 days, would be beneficial to students and teachers, and protect taxpayers' investments. 



Champion of Transparency!

 The work of the Hendry County School Board is the work of the people and should be conducted publicly and with transparency. As a member of a five person board subject to the "Sunshine Law" which permits a superintendent to hold individual and private conversations with board members but does not permit members of the same board to privately discuss matters that could reasonably come before the board for a vote, I consistently ask questions and bring forth discussion in public board meetings for the purpose of ensuring awareness among board colleagues and the constituents I serve. This also provides my colleagues on the Board with an opportunity to ask questions or contribute to the conversation on the public record. 

I'm especially proud of the transparency initiatives, however seemingly unorthodox, I accomplished in my first term to ensure citizens receive convenient access to school board meetings in the comfort of their home. After being unsuccessful in getting the Board to support my motion to livestream and record board meetings, I consulted with an attorney and was advised that I could livestream the meetings without their I did until the Board eventually saw the value in the service and began livestreaming and archiving school board meetings as public records. 

Student Achievement - Literacy for ALL

Literacy for ALL Students. 

Decades of reputable research has proven a link between third grade literacy achievement, drop-out rates, underemployment and chronic unemployment, as well as negative interactions with law enforcement including incarceration. According to the Florida Department of Education's 2021-22 FSA test results, 61% of Hendry County School District (HCSD) third grade students read below a satisfactory grade level.

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AUTHENTIC Family Engagement

It's Hendry County vs. Everyone Else

As a former Parent Teacher Organization president, the president of the Hendry Public Schools Foundation, and an executive committee member of the Hendry Education Task Force, one would be hard-pressed to find someone who has advocated for AUTHENTIC family and community engagement more than me. 

Families and community stakeholders have busier lives than ever and want to feel like their time and contributions are not only valued but also impactful to the success of students. families, and stakeholder.

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