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Student Achievement - Qualified Teachers in Classrooms

Hendry County School Board has provided funding for all core subject (ELA, Math, Science, History) teaching positions. The District also uses grant funding to employee instructional coaches. These instructional coaches (reading and math) have earned master's degrees, are highly-qualified, are employed on nearly every campus and are rarely, if ever, providing direct instruction to students. Meanwhile critical academic area vacancies on the campuses remain covered by substitutes and other non-certified alternatives. Students would benefit from the Board passing policies that require Board approval of all grant applications, and that critical academic areas be filled by certified teachers prior to advertising openings for grant-funded positions on the campus.

School administrators should be empowered to focus solely on instructional leadership during the summer and throughout the school year and be able to count on HR to provide a selection of qualified candidates in the event of a vacancy. The market has changed and the District's response to fulfilling our obligation to provide students with qualified teachers, support staff, and transportation professionals should be adjusting to meet the challenge. In order to hire enough qualified staff to meet students' needs, a significant investment needs to be made into expanding the capability of the District's human resource department in order to provide professional centralized recruitment, on-boarding of selected candidates, and enhanced personnel support for established employees.

Paid for by Stephanie Busin for Hendry County School Board, District 4
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