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Teacher Retention

Teachers and educational support staff are seeking an "attractive" work environment where they:

  • are valued professionally and financially;

Competition should be driving the District's organizational self-analysis to effectively evaluate financial priorities in order to establish a pay scale that is superior to other rural and/or neighboring districts and rewards successful experience with salary increases equitable to new teacher salaries enabled by recent legislation.

A superior salary scale will go a long way towards stabilizing and offsetting the financial and academic costs associated with Hendry County School District's historically high turnover rate. It will financially incentivize the most impactful educators to continue their professional journey with HCSD and provide the District with the resources to recruit the most impactful educators. 

  • are appropriately supported by qualified administration;

  We all understand the importance of having experienced and qualified teachers and staff providing and supporting direct instruction but it's equally as important to have experienced and qualified administrators leading and capable of growing the capacity of each school's staff.

  Revising language in current job descriptions permitting exceptions related to experience, educational attainment, and/or certification status intended to allow an exceptional administrative candidate to be appointed if they were close to satisfying the requirements. Current language creates a loophole that allows the superintendent to abuse the intent of the language and recommend administrative candidates for appointment who do not meet intended requirements without disclosing requirement deficiencies and/or setting a timeline for deficiencies to be brought into compliance with the Board's intent.

  • receive appropriate and adequate resources to serve students well;

Students have a finite amount of time in which to receive a free and appropriate education to prepare them to be successful and contributing members of their community upon graduation. Hendry County School District administration owes it to our students, teachers, and staff to evaluate the academic impact (or other intended educational outcome) of all district programs and technology-based programming to ensure students' and educators' time, as well as tax dollars, are accomplishing the objectives. 

Different classrooms require different resources to function well and the needs are as diverse as the students. Teachers and students should be able to depend on being provided, at a minimum, with the supports necessary to meet the requirements of each child's Individual Education Plan (IEP) or 504 Plan. Teachers should be empowered to advocate for their students' needs and should have access to district library of resources available to assist parents in partnering with the teacher and school for students' best academic and behavioral outcomes. 

  • and have fair, merit-based opportunities for advancement.

  Opportunities for advancement to school leadership should be based on the candidate who meets the highest standards for qualification based on educational attainment, certifications held, and years of successful experience. 

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