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My "positive voice for a positive change" opponent mailed this negative and hypocritical mailer to the homes of constituents I have faithfully served for the past eight years in yet another stunning display of character assassination that's been perpetrated by him ever since I addressed my concerns with Superintendent Swindle about the following issues pertaining to the corporal punishment fiasco Hendry County taxpayers are now being sued over:

1) withholding critical information/evidence from the legal counsel provided by the Board and taxpayers,

2) permitting Joe Whitehead to tamper with the District's internal investigation, and

3) showing little to no regard for the well-being of a six year old girl at the heart of the matter.  



Until May 5, 2021, it was customary for me to meet with Superintendent Swindle prior to board meetings to review the agenda and discuss any concerns. When I met with him on May 5, 2021, he casually mentioned that he had a staff meeting with Central Elementary School that afternoon and was expecting them to attend the meeting that evening. I inquired about the nature of their anticipated visit and he stated that the staff was upset with both of us over the situation with their principal, Melissa Carter, and that they wanted to make public comments.  Those public comments begin at approximately the 22:00 mark in this recording and not one was directed at the superintendent.

In addition, the Superintendent instructed his confidential secretary to forward unsigned, easily disproven, and defamatory written comments, that the authors chose not to make part of the pubic record, to my colleagues on the school board. He subsequently ignored my pleas to set the record straight in a direct and professional manner with my colleagues and with Central's staff, and has left me little choice but to try this case alone, in the court of public opinion, ahead of an election that will be decided by the people who show up to either take a stand against or enable taxpayer funded corruption in your school district. 


What happened instead was that an "anonymous" FB account that is coincidentally followed and publicly supported by family members of Mr. Whitehead, Superintendent Swindle, a fellow school board member, and members of the Central Elementary School staff, published the following message containing privileged information about the minor child at the heart of the situation:


So, I'm now it's up to me to defend myself and taxpayers from these ravenous wolves dressed in sheep's clothing. I will start by answering the allegations that "Marvin" has made against me with PUBLIC RECORDS and FACTS. 








4/23/21 CPD memo titled, "Call for service HRMC Thursday, April 15th, 2021"

4/26/21 email from the Chief of Police to Superintendent Swindle

5/5/21 memo from Asst. Chief of Police to City Manager & City Attorney

5/5/21 memo from Chief of Police to City Manager

5/17/21 email from Sgt. Buffie McLeod to the City Commission and City Manager

Sgt. Buffie McLeod was untruthful in her emailed comments to the city commission as it pertains to 4/19/21 when the Chief and Asst. Chief visited my home office with a new hire, Tom Lewis, for the purpose of introducing the new officer. Sgt. McLeod claims a "teaser" for the paddling incident aired on the news the same day. The first time it was broadcast by a media outlet was actually ten days a later on 4/29/21.

5/27/21 Internal Affairs Investigation CLP-21-04-01 (1 of 3)

5/27/21 Internal Affairs Investigation CLP-21-04-01 (2 of 3)

5/27/21 Internal Affairs Investigation CLP-21-04-01 (3 of 3) 

5/29/21 resignation letter of Chief of Police

Undated resignation letter of Asst. Chief

The fight for justice against corruption is never easy. It never has been and never will be. It exacts a toll on our self, our families, our friends, and especially our children. In the end, I believe, as in my case, the price we pay is well worth holding on to our dignity.  ~ Frank Serpico







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